Spotlight: AnaOno’s Founder Dana Donofree

I first heard about ANAONO  and its Founder, Dana Donofree sitting in Memphis, Tennessee.  Words used were FIERCE. Indefatigable.  Advocate. Champion. Warrior. And then on a sweltering night in July, I met Dana Donofree and discovered all of these words to be true.

She started AnaOno in a firestorm.  Two months before her wedding and 1 day before her 28th birthday – she discovered a lump.  Pea size. Hard. New. What followed was an odyssey.  She had a bilateral mastectomy, with implant reconstruction, followed by six rounds of chemo.  That was eight years ago. She has undergone many more intrusions and atrocities since that initial day.  She fights on.

She has built and created a business that not only makes women feel beautiful and sexy again – but also gives them emotional support.  Through her work with Pink Warrior Angels,  METAvivor & Project Cancerland – she sets a brisk pace helping others tackle the killer called cancer.  She freely offers up her experience, wisdom and brave face to others who are newly diagnosed as well as survivors from all walks of life.

If you, a loved one or someone you know has been newly diagnosed or going through breast cancer treatments, check out her path.  Learn from those who have gone ahead – allow this sisterhood of warriors to guide, instruct and hold space for you.

This past February was the 2nd appearance of AnaOno in the New York Fashion Week.   Watch these ladies defy all the beauty norms as they take a walk down the stage at one of the most visible events in NYC.  They are FIERCE. They are BEAUTIFUL. They are WARRIORS.

As Dana says: “It’s about hope. And it’s a beautiful reason to start a business.”

Dana is one of my Partners on the Entrepreneur Advisory Board for FedEx.  She is very dear to me and WE at Gina Cucina support her wholeheartedly in all her endeavors.  Check out her amazing business

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