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``Comfort Food``

In ``Notable Edibles``

Gina Cucina... showcases produce from sustainable farms (this time of year, think nourishing soups like tomato artichoke or carrot ginger).


Organic Spa

Soup is the New Juice

``Those real flavors are what makes it magical.”

A culinary journey to create non-GMO, plant-based soups, from seed to table by Kristin Meekhof.


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The Denver Post

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

FedEx Launches Fifth Annual Small Business Grant Contest

Posted by Karen Mason on February 28, 2017 in Denver Business


Story of Gina Cucina on YouTube

A Quick Look at the Story of Our Soup

Handcrafted with Love from Seed to Shelf

A quick overview of Gina Cucina, the roots and promise of this organically, local based creator of soup and more!


Creative Ways to Practice Gratitude

Gina Cucina joins Deepak Chopra, Kristin Meekhof & others

Join Us on this 31 Day Gratitude Journey

A project sponsored by Jiyo, Deepak Chopra's Wellness Website


Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine

In Praise of Locavores

``Where your food comes from matters.``

An article by Andrea Palm-Porter for Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine


How a Mom of 4 Followed Her Passion

...and Started a Thriving ‘Seed-to-Table’ Family Business

An article by Gina Cucina, Founder

Originally posted under Maria Shriver's ``Architects of Change`` series


Gina Cucina Wins Fedex Small Business Grant

How Gina Cucina Delivers Love, Soup and Pesto to Customers’ Doorsteps

From Yogi Caterer to Soup Entrepreneur

An article about winning the Fedex Grant


Self Magazine

A Sneak Peek of The Juice Trend About to Take Over

A surprising summer favorite is staging a coup.

By Perri O. Blumberg for Self Magazine


MTN Town Magazine Fall/Winter 2017

Flip to Page 38 to Read Our Latest Profile

Gina Cucina Takes Off

Crafting Success One Bowl at a Time


The Post Independent
Citizen Telegram

Soup Startup Grows with Love

``Sundays were spent in the kitchen with my grandfather.``

An article by Will Grandbois


Tweet by Maria Shriver

Praises Gina Cucina as an #architectofchange

Maria Shriver tweeted:

#ArchitectsofChange challenge what is, imagine what can be & move humanity forward: @theGinaCucina created a business


Fedex Small Business Grant Winners

Meet 2016 FedEx Grant Winners

``A community of entrepreneurs that gain and share insights...``

Opportunity knocked, and the 2016 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest winners answered.


FedEx ad in USA Today

Gina Cucina was the featured 2016 Fedex Grant Winner in this ad in USA Today news

2016 grant winner

Featured in USA Today