$15 Flat Rate Shipping Per Six Pack!


Where do you ship?
We can ship soup to most of the country via FedEx Ground in insulated boxes with gel ice packs. Please check your zip code for availability. If we can’t ship to your area at this time, please subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll let you know as soon as we expand our reach!

How do you deliver your soup?
We ship our products in insulated boxes with gel ice packs so that they stay sufficiently chilled until you are able to transfer them to your fridge. As long as the soup is cool to the touch when delivered, and you place it in the fridge shortly thereafter, it is still ready-to-eat. Great news: the box, the insulation, and the gel packs are all environmentally friendly. Recycle (or reuse) the box, dissolve the corn-based insulation in the sink, and recycle the plastic gel packs after emptying the all-natural contents in the sink. Wasn’t that easy?

When do you ship orders?
We ship all of our orders on Mondays and Tuesdays so they can get to you by Friday of the same week. Be sure to place your order by 12:00 PM MST on Sunday to get your shipment that week. (Miss the deadline, wait a week.)

How do I track my order?
You will receive an order confirmation and shipping notification with a tracking number via email. On the day of delivery, please refrigerate your soup as soon as possible. As long as the jars are cool to the touch when they arrive, they are still ready-to-eat.

Why are shipping costs so high?
Shipping our all-natural, perishable products in glass requires extra materials such as insulated coolers and ice gel packs in order to keep the products at a safe temperature while in transit. This makes the overall cost of shipping slightly higher.