From Making Soup, To Making a Difference

We are much more than a bowl of soup. Gina is not only a renowned chef and champion of the “real food” movement, but she is also an activist in an effort to cultivate a more humane world.

Gina Cucina is committed to lending our full efforts to build awareness and help put an end to the greatest scourge of our time—Human Trafficking. It is our mission. It is our obsession.

Because human trafficking IS slavery. Period.

It’s one of those issues we don’t like to think about. But we must. Because our children’s lives are at stake.

It’s not some other country’s problem. It’s happening right here, in America. 250,000 children are trafficked each year!

What We Are Doing To Stop Traffic

We have taken our message on the road. Working together with Truckers Against Trafficking, we have encouraged everyone in our transportation chain, those who truck our ingredients and our products, to become certified and aware of how to spot human trafficking on the road.

After winning a coveted Fedex small business grant, Gina was asked to serve on FedEx’s Entrepreneurial Advisory board, where she was instrumental in bringing 10,000 Fedex drivers on board to watch for and report human trafficking at its most vulnerable point—on America’s highways.

In partnership with Whole Foods, Gina Cucina is helping to step up awareness of this problem by educating consumers on how to spot the potential signs of human sex trafficking, and how to safely report suspicious activity.

We believe One Million Eyes, watching, can help put an end to Human Trafficking.

What You Can Do To Stop Traffic

Traffickers are smart. They don’t usually look “scary.” They can be male or female. They befriend their victims, get to know them over time, establishing trust and friendship. They are most likely more mature than the child they are targeting.

Watch out for relationships that just don’t feel right—big age differences can be a tip-off.

Traffickers hang out where kids do: online, convenience stores, shopping malls, concerts, fast food restaurants, train or bus stops, parks, pools, beaches etc.

Tell your children to be wary of strangers who strike up conversations and seem too friendly too quickly.

If you witness a suspicious or abusive interaction between a teenager and someone who doesn’t seem to be a parent or relation err on the side of caution.

Contact local law enforcement or report to Stop Human Trafficking hotline 1 888-3737-888 or text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733).  Please do NOT approach traffickers – allow law enforcement to deal with them and recover victims.

Traffickers prey on runaways and throwaways, troubled or emotionally unstable children, or those with drug problems. They offer a way out of their pain with promises of a better life, lots of money, and false love.

Love your children unconditionally. If there is unresolvable conflicts seek help immediately through counseling, rehab, or mentor programs. It’s OK—these issues are too big to try and tackle on your own.

Stop Traffickers Dead In Their Tracks

You can make a difference, by making your voice heard. Get involved in an organization. Let your elected officials know that this is an important priority. Discuss this openly with your children.

Be On The Lookout

A victim of trafficking often…

  • …Lacks knowledge of their whereabouts. They are not in control of their ID.
  • …Is restricted from communicating. No cell phone is a tip off.
  • …Has visible signs of “branding” or tattooing of trafficker’s name, usually on the neck.

Questions to start a conversation…

  • Do your parents/siblings/family know where you are? Why not?
  • When was the last time you saw your family?
  • Do you have control over your own money?  Why not?

To learn more about trafficking, how to identify it and what you can do about it, please click here to download your tip sheet.

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