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Is there really anyone who doesn’t?  After all, there is an urban legend floating around that claims one of our forefathers, and third president, Thomas Jefferson, invented this dish; Amongst his many accomplishments. If this is true – I think I will have to choose it as my favorite of his many gifts to our great Nation!

President Jefferson served it at a state dinner in 1802 and it has become a “go to” for American meals for centuries now. During WWII- food rationing made it even more popular because Americans could obtain two boxes for only one food rationing stamp.  In 1937, Kraft created the slogan: “Make a meal in 9 minutes” – This sealed the fate of Mac and Cheese in the US and Canada.

Globally – 7 million boxes of Mac and Cheese are sold DAILY…. With that, Gina Cucina offers a lovely new twist on this centuries-old favorite.



½  Jar Gina Cucina Tomato Artichoke soup (1 jar makes TWO helpings – lucky you)

1 lb undercooked elbow macaroni – (should be cooked for 4 minutes then drained)

1 cup mozzarella shredded

1 cup parmesan shredded

¼ cup asiago shredded

2 Tbl butter

.25 oz of fresh basil 

Grease 8X8 baking dish with 1 tablespoon of butter – add in the elbow macaroni.  Fold in the mozzarella & parmesan cheese. Pour over the 12 oz of Gina Cucina Tomato Artichoke soup.  Top with the remaining tablespoon of butter and sprinkle on the asiago cheese.

Bake at 375 for 15 minutes.  Remove from oven; garnish with basil and Serve with Love!  

Serves 4

We know that Thomas Jefferson loved tomatoes, and we believe he would also have delighted in our take on the traditional Mac and Cheese.  It is perfect for the fall days – a little rainy and a slight chill in the air.