I am fortunate to sit at the dinner table every night and break bread with my four children and husband.  EVERY DAY. A family meal we make together – it’s one of my favorite things we do daily. We all look forward to it – What are we going to cook? What are we going to talk about and who is getting stuck doing the dishes?  Not everyone is so blessed.

September is National Hunger Awareness and Hunger Action Month. Gina Cucina has always been involved in feeding the children of the Roaring Fork Valley.  We have recently partnered with We Don’t Waste out of Denver.  In 2009, Arlan Preblud started with his mission in mind of creating greater food security for the 1 in 6 children in the state of Colorado who daily face the real threat of not knowing where their next meal is coming from.  40% of all food produced is thrown away – This is where Arlan and his team of “Merry Crusaders” at WE DON’T WASTE step in.   

Their hunger-fighting force shows up at caterers, distributors, venues, farms, and other food purveyors and now… Gina Cucina!  Working with Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, Community Centers & Homeless Shelters, they redistribute food to underserved populations extending to every corner of the Denver-Metro area and beyond;  going as far as South Dakota. These organizations serve everyone from veterans to the homeless to school children to the elderly who are homebound.

Since 2009 they have recovered 86 million servings of food. Almost 50% of the food they distribute is fresh produce, which is a rare commodity for those in need.  We encourage you to check them out We Don’t Waste– look at the good they are doing in Colorado.

Just $25 provides 500 meals!  We can make a difference TOGETHER.