Our products are made with love.  We lead with our hearts. Love is one of the tenets in the foundation of Gina Cucina.  It should not be surprising that we are partnered with an organization called – you guessed it:  Lead With Love. You may think that we partnered because the Founder’s name is Gina Guarascio Murdock. Ours is Gina D’Orazio Stryker.  That is not the only reason why.

Gina Murdock is a fireball of energy and good intentions. She would like to change the world.  NOW. When you spend any time with her you realize that she is completely capable of doing just that. The journey for her started with “The City of Well Being”, in Aspen. Her team of merry players infiltrate local municipalities, non-profits, schools and other local companies – consults, assesses, designs and then helps them to implement wellbeing programs that create measurable improvements for the participants.  While she has continued this programming – she has upped her game with the “Lead with Love” – “LEADERSHIP SUMMIT”..

The “LWL Leadership Summit” is in its third year – Speakers such as Deepak Chopra, Scott Neeson, the FABULOUS Rod Stryker, Goldie Hawn, Seane Corn, Marianne Williamson; the incomparable Gretchen Bleiler, the Urban Yogis and John Mackay, just to name a few.  This year they will also have one of my personal favorites – Dan Mullally of FedEx fame – he leads the group that created the Small Business Grant & is the bright light of the Entrepreneur Advisory Board: which I was honored to have served on.

“LWL Leadership Summit” is a global gathering for heart-centered leaders, featuring movement, meditation, conscious capitalism, time in nature, experimental & immersive workshops & talks, music, art & a renewed focus on social impact and business as a force for good! In other words, a whole lot of fun, with a whole lot of love,  with a whole lot of wisdom being shared. Join us this year October 25-28 in Aspen, Co. We will gather to learn, to share, to make a difference and most importantly – how to Lead With Love.

The “Lead With Love” call to arms is:  “We exist to change culture from fear to love”.  

From fear to LOVE.  How many companies out there today are doing this?  How many will pick up the gauntlet?


We believe a world based on LOVE is possible.

We choose Love.

Join us at Lead with Love this Oct 25-28 in beautiful Aspen Colorado to celebrate businesses and people walking the talk and being the change! We have a special discount code GINACUCINALOVE for $100 off the ticket price. This is a transformational event designed for teams and colleagues to share together! All info HERE including a tab that says “attend together” be sure to check that one out (Great picture on that one;-) Just add the code into the promo code box after clicking  “tickets” on the website. See you there!