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September 17, 2018


HELLO!!   Welcome to our new adventure. We are thrilled to begin our blog and vlog posts and invite you to join us on our journey, sharing news about our products, our values, our mission, all that we love, and all that we do. Our garden is your garden. Our kitchen is your kitchen. Our table is your table. So we want to keep you up to date on our exciting developments. 

So much has happened in the last 12 months.  We launched in the Rocky Mountain Region of Whole Foods in September 2017.  We hit the shelves in 7 Costcos in Colorado in November, where we sold out in 3 days – followed by a mad dash to our co-packer in Idaho over Thanksgiving, where Kameron and I made 1000 gallons of soup and shipped it out to Costco!!  WOW!!

Juan Carlos Duque

As if that wasn’t enough excitement…we have expanded our team!  Juan Carlos Duque started with us as our CEO – meaning he has us on our toes as we expand into other regions, and as he helps us to plot our sustainable growth. Juan Carlos has taken on the huge task of navigating our future, telling us no when necessary, but always encouraging and enthusiastic.   


Rob Allen

Rob Allen – VP Business Development – which means he is the MAN working with all of our customers, keeping them happy, encouraging them to BUY more and finding all of the watermelons for our gazpachos, carrots for our Carrot Ginger, and lentils for our Moroccan Red. As well as making certain there is a truck ready to deliver our pallets to the proper places, and oh so many other duties that he handles with grit and grace.  


Rebecca Argeros

Rebecca Argeros – Customer Relations- we lovingly call her Ground Control -All things customer service-She is grace under pressure. She has taken on so much, not the least of which is total oversight of all our Demos in Whole Foods and Roadshows for Costco, which are a beast to manage.


Heidi Johnson

Heidi Johnson – Controller- well, let’s just say she’s da boss!!  – She keeps us all on budget and our bills paid on time. Which is no small feat for a “sprouting” startup.


We lead with our hearts. In everything we do, love is the first ingredient. It is our goal to make real food, while making a real difference. That means not only do we strive to create the cleanest, most authentic, and most delicious soups with uncompromising goodness from seed to bowl, but we also look to spread love and goodness to the world we share. With our homegrown initiative, Bowls for Souls, we focus on efforts to eradicate human trafficking.  We have taken our message on the road. Literally. Working together with Truckers Against Trafficking, we have encouraged everyone in our entire transportation chain, all those who truck our ingredients and our product, to become certified and aware of how to spot human trafficking on America’s highways (the primary way traffickers move their victims).  After winning the coveted “FedEx Small Business Grant,” I was asked to serve on the FedEx Entrepreneur Advisory Board. Not only do we sit and discuss how Fedex can better help the smaller business – One of my first requests of them was that they train their fleet in how to spot human trafficking.  They told me they would look into it.  On January 29, 2018,  FedEx announced their partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking.   FedEx is one of the good guys – they stand behind their word and make the world a better place.  Who’s next? Will you join us in our crusade? Watch our future blogs for ways you can help.

We believe our soup is pure goodness. And that we can nourish the body and feed the soul at the same time. Because goodness is contagious. Feed it, and it will grow…way beyond the bowl.