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We Make Soup

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In a world of overly processed food, we believe great food begins with great ingredients. We start with locally grown, certified organic vegetables that arrive fresh—no carrots or tomatoes with frequent flyer miles. There’s no place for preservatives, gluten, added sugar, GMOs, or excessive sodium—things that belong in a laboratory, not a soup bowl. 

Our products have the best nutritional panels around, so when you buy them in stores or have them delivered to your doorstep, you can be sure you are eating real food made by real people. 

"This soup literally checks off all my requirements and before this, it was IMPOSSIBLE to find good soup of this quality."

-Jean Webb

"A wonderful soup you can feel good during AND after eating! Your health will love you."

-Wendy Allbright

"Finally- soups without dairy and garlic. Yay!"

Nancy Sammit

"I've spooned it out of bowl... sipped it out of a cup, when finished... I've wished for more."

Sybil Hill